About Us

The Table Church is a community of regular people sharing life together as we try to get closer to Jesus. We are a new church here in Nampa. Our goal is to make a difference and to make disciples. We want to love and serve those in our neighborhood and the city of Nampa – seeking to live out our faith together as we invite people to join us.

We want to be a church that can connect with many people who find that they do not “fit” into other churches or groups. If you have ever felt like a misfit or that you don’t belong anywhere – then we would love to have you hang out with us on a Sunday night. You’ll find some good people who really care. And you can connect with a God who absolutely loves you.

Specifically, we have four core beliefs. We like to call them the “Four Legs of The Table”:

Hospitality. Everyone is welcome at The Table. We are a church full of people who are excited to build relationships, friendships, and community. Through our Sunday dinners, our neighborhood activities, our small groups, and so much more – we love practicing the gift of hospitality and making everyone feel invited and welcome.

Connection. We understand that many people struggle to connect with the church, God, and others. It is often difficult to find a place of belonging. We know that because we have been there (and still are there, in many ways). But we are working together trying to create a community that can help connect those who feel disconnected.

Compassion. We believe that our faith is not complete without our actions. We need to serve and love our friends, family, neighbors, and those around us with respect and humility. We are excited to live lives of compassion as we enter into friendships and find ways to help others.

Christ. Everything we do is centered on Christ. It begins and ends with Jesus. He is the source and foundation of our worship, compassion, love, formation, and daily living. We seek to get closer to Him and become more like Him. Overall, we are a community of people who want to get closer to Jesus, make a difference in our city, and share life together. We would love to have you join us.

Our Staff


Pastor Kenton

Kenton is the Pastor of The Table Church. His greatest accomplishment in life is being the husband of Nikki (and the soon-to-be-father of the little person inside of Nikki!). He loves living in Nampa. And he loves leading the faith community at The Table Church.


Shawn Haverfield

Shawn is our Worship Experience Leader. He is married to Marie and the father of two incredible girls. Shawn plays the drums and guitar (but usually not at the same time) and leads and organizes our worship. He is an awesome guy who loves the Lord - and he would love to hang out with you.

What We Believe (and How)

The Table Church is a community of regular people who come together to serve and love others as we partner together in God’s mission of redemption for the world. We are an Evangelical Christian church who believe too many things to be able to list here in this short summary. We believe in the Wesleyan theology of God and the Church – specifically as a Church of the Nazarene. We believe in the incredible saving power, love, and example of Jesus Christ. We believe in God’s prevenient grace that is always at work in our lives drawing ourselves to Him. We believe in the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives leading us deeper into a life of holiness. We believe in the value of love – as a way to live, work, and serve.

We also think that it is important how you believe something. At The Table Church we are not a group of people who have every single thing figured out perfectly. We still have doubts, questions, frustrations, and moments of thinking “What in the world?”. We believe through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We believe with the help of our faith community around us. And we believe with not only our whole heart and mind – but with the actions of our hands and feet, as well.

That is just a glimpse of what we believe (and how).